The Ugliest Cars in Britain


We've put together a collection of what we believe to be the most hideous cars that have ever had the nerve to tread the tarmac of Britain. Past or present, cheap or expensive we'll consider them all. We don't give a monkey's if a car was a technological marvel of its day - if it looks awful today, we'll list it.

*Please note: We've just moved the site and are still getting things sorted so bear with us. Thanks*

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This is the main section of the site. Cars are ranked on the Paper Bag Rating scale*

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A page of cars not normally available in Britain.

*Paper Bag Rating - The number of paper bags you would have to wear on your head before accepting a ride in the car.

OK, let's get a few things straight here:

  • Please remember: These pages reflect our personal tastes - yours may vary (i.e. your tastes may be poor). So don't come crying to us if you disagree with our choices.
  • It's not serious!, so we're not interested in a sensible discussion about car design, car performance or technology